The fight between the two H’s

The two H’s that rule our lives (and NO one of them is not husband). I am talking about our ‘head’ and our ‘heart’.

There is always a tick-tack going on between our head and our heart. But at certain junctures of life,this tiff becomes a full blown fight. A tug of war. At such times what do you do? Take a brisk walk with the head or fly with the heart?

In matters of the heart,I mean ‘love’,the mind plays the role of the “Big Daddy”. Showing it all the pros and cons. And heart? It does exactly what it is supposed to do. Sobs,weeps,laughs,sings, dances and all through keeps a blindfold intact on its eyes.

For petty,inconsequential things also they quarrel. When you go for shopping, heart says”I luuuuvvvv this. I HAVE to buy this”. Then the head or should I say the brain,frowns and says it’s just not worth the money”. :))))Tisk! Tisk! See, such a small thing and they start off.

Do they not pull you in two directions when you think about a change of job? About where to go for a holiday? So, there you go. It has been like this for ages and it’s gonna be like this forever.

The spontaneity of the heart is challenged by the thoughtfulness of the mind. At such times they cease to be organs. An organ! That is all they are . One organ has the tendency to give in to temptations and the other is a thinker by nature.

I always wish (and sometimes pray too) for an ideal situation. When the heart likes and the head agrees. Wow!.Wow! But then that rarely happens.

So when there is a tussle what do you do?????????? Follow your instinct ,your intuition. Maybe not the exact solution but a solution all the same.


2 thoughts on “The fight between the two H’s

  1. sorry!!!late readout kar rahi hu. fight between 2 h’s are really true in daily routine!!!!!yaar u write daily ……….ok)))))))))

I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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