Now or Never

 I made a big purchase yesterday. The cost of which ran into a few thousands. I was very happy about it and maybe because of this happiness my thoughts were reflecting what I felt. Subtly yet magnified.

An elder in my family commented on this exorbitant purchase,with the same old worn out statement “save for a rainy day”. I smiled and replied “the umbrella for that rainy day will always be there”.  it was later that I sat down to think. What rainy day?  What if you never live to see that rainy day? OK.  Negativity  -out you go. What if there  IS no rainy day? Then what do you do with the umbrella? We take it and use it to shelter from the sun? So why not now? Now, when it is sunny?

OK. Practically that is not a sensible thing to do. To put all your eggs in one basket–well almost. You need to put some in another safe place to hatch. Agreed. Yet, you do not put all of them to hatch too. You may take one each for the three meals; but you may take one off for a snack . Just to satisfy your desire. That  is how we need to treat life too. After all–you live only once.

Surprising how one thought attracts all similar ones. Yesterday evening I was watching a Malayalam movie where the hero stops himself from getting close to his ex-wife,coz she is now remarried. He assures himself  saying ‘ next life we will come together again….as husband and wife”. Huh! And one more huh!  I agree there was hardly anything he could do. Yet.Next life? Is there one?  Maybe there is. Personally I believe in rebirths. In that case like one of my friend said “who knows WHAT we will be born as”.!!!! True, right?

My take on this is;even if by the grace of your karma, you  are born as a human being, are you sure you will get your desire? Now, even if you do, are you sure you’ll feel the same happiness that you may feel getting it in this life? Or worse still,what is the whole point, if you do not even desire it in that life and you still get it!!!!!!! Back to square one.


So express it now. Love ,affection,care,do not leave it for the next life. If you feel it,say it. Say all the ‘thank yous’ you can now. Do not hold back the hugs that you want to give. We have a past and a past life,which we cannot change. A future and a future birth which we do not know. So, all we can influence,or change or take control of is our present and our present life. So don’t kill your desire. Don’t hold back your affection. The future is a blank page.  You are in the process of writing it today. So, its now or never…….ever. Write it practically yet, poetically.



I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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