🙂 Saw AYIYYA  recently. On T.V. Will tell you later why I specified “on T.V”.  I actually did not know under what category could this movie be jotted down. “Romantic?’ coz it does have a love story you see. Comedy?…there is actually so much of wacko comedy involved. Action?….because of all the unwanted, unwarranted and surely “A’ certificate worthy actions . Drama? So much drama was being done by all the characters. What?

I will not linger around and give a critical review of the movie. That is not the purpose. Lot has been said and written by experts. I merely want to state my view point…..Like I said,it is a bizarre movie. Something absurd kept happening which forced my husband and me to look at each other every 5 seconds.

I wonder whether this is the right launch pad for Prithviraj!!  .What was he thinking when he signed this? Was he thinking at all? I liked his stern, do-not bother me look . Although, I wish he had more dialogues .Rani was good in whatever she did. The dance and acting. She played her part really well. But the chemistry between the two did not seem to come out well due to all the drama that Rani’s character kept doing. Maybe;that was how it was meant to be. What was that buck toothed thing? That friend of Rani? Ya Mynah. She can give Lady Gaga a run for her money.  Madam Grandmother too was over the top. Then again….  maybe that is how they were supposed to be.

I liked the climax, where you come to know that the fragrance was of the incense sticks. No AXE effect .Thankgod!!!! Yet a question remains. Rani fell in love with the guy or his smell? Well, whatever .All through, there were a lot of junctures where I kept wondering “How did the censor board pass this? How? The song lyrics ,the double meaning dialogues and the not so ‘decent’ gestures. Some were cheap. Cheap to the extent of being termed as gross! Argh!!!

On the whole the movie was entertaining and since my pocket did not feel the pinch(remember I watched it on T.V) I enjoyed it. The director certainly has a wacko humor sense . It manged to captivate me, due to its lunatic content.  I am a person who very rarely sits through the whole movie, when I watch it on T.V. This was one of those rare movies that achieved that feat. In spite of all the ad breaks,I sat through. It was a stress buster and on a lazy Saturday afternoon I really was not looking for a  ‘put your thinking caps on’  movie. So I laughed away at all the antics that was happening and it is most certainly recommended by me for a one-time watch. I may watch it again……….but only on T.V 🙂




I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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