It is s that time of the year again! That time when the festive spirits are at its peak. The bells are tingling away and the Christmas carols have still not died away. And then, New year is around the bend.

I love the festive seasons….all of them. Yet, this time of the year is my favourite. A lot of birthdays and anniversaries in my family fall in the month of December. So a lot of calling and wishing and spreading cheer happens in the initail two-three weeks. By then….exams are over, holidays have begun and Christmas knocks at our doors. Before the Christmas spirit dies down we gear up to welcome the new year.

Another new year with lots of promises. It ceases to be just a change of date. We hope for  a whole new change in our lives… comes the central character who leads the way to this change. Our resolutions. Yes, remember them? In by January and out by January 15th or 31st,if we still have the RESOLVE!!!!

So lets check out what are the top 5 resolutions taken ……then broken by us women folk.(in no particular order).

NOTE– I do not intend to preach here. No steps or directions on how to take,keep or break the resolution. Just a plain list of the top 5 resolutions.

1. Reduce….reduce….and then reduce some more-(eating right)—–Like they say you can never be too rich or too thin.  I fall in this bracket. I make this resolution every year and by mid year I am done with all the dieting . Also done with all the excuses I make for not exercising. Finally, I give up. Putting all the blame on my low metabolism,due to my mate ‘The Thyroid”!!! Tsl!Tsk!

2. SHOPAHOLIC?…….Not this year- No , we are not falling for the up to 50% off bait anymore….maybe, if its 75% ?……we will think about it. Basically free is the best !!!!! But if the sale is just down the road, if the deal is good….maybe just this once…..hmm

3. Anger Control – This again, been there done that . Doing it again this year.

4. Save Money-  Everybody needs to do this resolution or no resolution. Its not because of the changing economic times. Just to imbibe the value of money in your kids. O!O! No preaching. So until the shopping bug bites you again “happy saving”.

5. Lesser time in front of the mirror- Hubby dear is going to love this one. At least now we will reach everywhere in time….I can almost hear him mutter under his breath.(although most of the time we get delayed due to his last minute business call) Well, if we decide to give up this one mid way, we should not be blamed . After all its all about loving oneself!!!!!

The list goes on but these 5 were on top of the list…..the list that I arrived at after asking a few of my resolution making girlfriends.

My resolution this year is to love myself. In the process I will shed a few kilos…to look and feel good. Will shop sensibly to dress up presentably…beautifully. Will keep a check on my anger so that I spread more love and cheer around me and give a break to kids and hubby:). I will certainly save….will make me feel good. Last but not the least I will stand in front of the mirror, for just that extra second, that I will need to  tell myself, how much I love being me.



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I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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