Yes friends! I am at it again. Another new year, another resolution,another shot at shedding a few of those unwanted,undesirable,utterly obnoxious calories(sorry, I simply refuse to use the word ‘flab’).

Year after year I try. 3 months later I am puffing and panting and 6 months later I am happy with whatever few grams I have managed to throw away and I give up! The worst part is that I give up happily. Smugly convinced,that to hell with the kilos, I have toned down.Bah!

Come December,I am a walking  bulk of depression. Yes depressed. What with all the birthdays,anniversaries, Christmas and new year’s eve giving me all the delightful reasons to hog. So in practically 3 weeks I put on all those kilos(or was it grams that I lost?) that I had struggled and lost  in 6 months!!!!!!  Sigh!!!!

So here I am again. With another resolution to shed those obstinate kilos.

My first step of course was to weigh myself on the 1st of Jan.No,no, I am not going to mention my weight here. No way!.  Or maybe I will , once I reach my desired weight. The next step was to set a target. I targeted 1 kilo per month. Ok, ok. Not enough. Very mild. Not being tough on myself at all. I know. Yet ,I still say, 1 kilo per month. I do not want to set targets which seem (and maybe too) unattainable, and ultimately give in desperation. So 1 kilo it is!

In the last few months, all kinds of exercises have taken a back seat. My exercise had reduced to just walking around the house, doing household chores,walking while talking on the mobile etc. So my third step was to to hit the road. I mean I started walking again…..this time with a vengeance.

The battle with the bulge!(oops! I said that?) is on. I am all geared up. With all my knowledge on eating right and exercising till you drop(well, maybe not. High hopes!!!).

Guys, I am going to walk myself to that much desired figure….tsk! tsk!

Watch this space for more……..updates and info.

P.s….This was written on 6th Jan. Sorry for the delay in posting it ….busy walking you see.



I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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