The wind in my hair,

The glow on my face,

The jump in my stride,

The music in my ears.

I love each and every step I take,

Towards health, towards happiness.



That’s me walking. I am loving it. I actually look forward to that one hour which I spend with myself. Its just me and my thoughts. Sometimes there are no thoughts at all. Just me and the wind, nature ,and music.


 Apart from my walking gear ,the one thing I simply can’t do without is music. There have been days when I came back after 30  min of  walk ,simply because my mobile ran out of charge( yes, I am an FM person). Hee!hee!( that’s a sheepish grin from me).


The added advantage here is that I get to meet so many known and unknown faces. The known faces are happy seeing me after a long time. Some pause a while and talk, while others smile and pass by. The unfamiliar faces have now started becoming familiar. Have started giving smiles. Once in a while I get a walking companion too. A friend who is out for a walk and we just join together .  I count the number of smiles I get on the way. It’s a game I play with myself. I try to top the previous days count by giving a smile to a new person each day. Its fun!


Its nice to see so many health  and fitness conscious people. So many regulars. Friends who walk in groups of 2s and 3s and 4s and loners like me too. Some who are walking their pets or their pets are walking them. Ha!


The last 5-10 min I try to cool my body. I sit in a calm place and watch the world moving by. I try to meditate……very tough. Will get there too.  Walking has now become my stress buster.


Now for the main part……its one month since I took my new year resolution. Do you know what that means? It means I need to disclose how many kilos I lost!!!!! Well,well,well….I lost one and a half kilos.


So walking has not been just a stress buster…..but a fat buster too. Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!


 Watch this space for more……………….


3 thoughts on “I AM AT IT AGAIN- II———- I WALK

I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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