The Severed link





Grandparents are a link to your childhood. On 24th June 2013,I broke one more link to my childhood. 24th June when ‘ammamma'(maternal grandmother in Malayalam) passed away,it was like an end to an era.

She had lived a very eventful, yet protected 87 years.  Always up and about it was only during her last days that she took to bed. Many a summer vacations have we spent running around in that courtyard, which will not be the same without her.

My early memories of her  is of an agile granny,dressed in white, pulling the cow around. Taking the goats out to graze. We kids would run behind her. She would sometimes shoo us away and sometimes warn us calmly that the cow may kick. I remember her feeding the hens. Calling them out by names. In the evening when she tried getting them into their coup we also ran around to help her. It was more of a trouble, but she did not mind.

I cannot say that I was very close or very attached to her. She was not like the typical cuddling,story telling grandmas that you see in the movies. Yet, there was a certain link that made you want to go and see her everytime you went to the natives.

When I met her last, this April, her memory was off and on. Although  she did remember me and gave me  “vishukainettam’ too. She was on her feet but had become very fragile.. Her walk had become slow and skin so supple. She was looking very weak.

I could not go and meet her when she was bedridden. I feel better this way. My memory of her is still of that walking, running agile ammamma, and I don’t want  to change that. On June 24th, 6:30 am, when she left for her heavely abode, all her kids were around her. Holding her hand, supporting her, calling out to her,till she breathed her last. She was blessed.


I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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