Pic courtesy royal
Pic courtesy royal

” The soul fortunately has an interpreter-often an unconscious,but still a faithful  interpreter- in the eye”- Charlotte Bronte , Jane Eyre

Like the sound of that? Agree? I do. Eyes speak out your heart even before your lips manage to utter the first word. They do not weigh, they do not think. They just speak. Most of the time….volumes.

Eyes are perhaps the most beautiful and most expressive organ of our body. They give us sight . Help us see the world, and helps the world see us. What makes us, what breaks us, angers us, soothes us,an insight into each and every feeling hidden within. It has not learnt to lie and it takes a very good actor to camouflage what he is thinking, when his eyes start speaking. Then again, not for long..

What prompted me to write this is a video I saw recently.Where two lovers come across each other after years of separation. Not a word is exchanged between them,yet you can feel all that they are feeling. The tears that keep flowing from ones eye and the reassuring blink that the other keeps offering. How the heart is first surprised, then happy and then perhaps sad for what had been,the eyes express all. If they chose to express the same in words, I am sure they would have failed.

Remember the photograph of the Afghan refugee girl with piercing green eyes, taken by Steve McCurry in 1984? It was published as National Geographic Cover photo. It was noticed due to the depth of expression in the girl’s eye. Two decades later, the eyes and their expression helped the photographer search her out. Now, those eyes have a name Sharbat Gula.

Effective eye contact is essential for our every day interaction with people,for making contact and communicating well with a person and also for those who want to be effective communicators in the public arena,eye contact plays a major role. Its like the body language, or even more effective because here you are given no chance to act.

Persistent eye contact,avoiding the eye, constant blinking,crying, looking to the left or the right, looking up or down,even winking. All of them indicate something,something major or trivial about you. The list is endless. You can make out whether a person likes you or not by his/her gaze. How sincere is the gaze? Is it just a passing fancy? Is he checking you out? Can you not read that in the eye? Smitten eyes, sleepy eyes, two commonly seen eyes in the classrooms(sleepy eyes are sometime found in the office meetings too). Blazing eyes…..yes, anger. It shows first in your eyes,then your action or speech. You have just half a second to say something really nice and save yourself from some verbal lashings .Ha!

Studies show that even the colour of you eyes reveal a lot about you. Did you know that no  two people have the exact same eye colour? Its true. Yet the language inherently remains the same. Eyes across the world speak the same language…language of truth. Human eye is very expressive,yet animal eyes are also not sans expressions. It will be difficult to read a jealousy or pride in those eyes,yet love, anger,hate can be read if you look carefully.

Poems and sonnets have sung the glory of the eyes. Eyes the source of sight and insight continues to inspire the  poets of current generation too. They are as deep as the sea, or as calm as the lake,as bright as the sun or as dark as the night…..they are as beautiful as YOU are, after all they mirror your heart.

Next time you look into someone’s eye,try and read his thought. But reading the eye language is not without risk. If you can look into someone’s eye and find whats on his mind,he too can see your thoughts through your eyes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you !!!!!!!


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I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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