A hum on my lips ,a tap on my feet.

pic courtesy:www.chicandsavvycrafters.com
pic courtesy:www.chicandsavvycrafters.com

There was a part of me that flew away from me and stood in the crowd. Just as nervous as I was feeling, yet motivating me on. Just as exhilarated as I was feeling ,and yet cheering me on. Just as amazed as me,  was this really happening?? Just as scared to look at the various known and unknown faces in the crowd, to read their expressions to judge their reactions.

When the performance was over and the applause had died down, it had still not come back to me. It was still there standing in the crowd clapping,blowing kisses and silently mouthing “Happy?,”Good job!”,”Get going!” That was my first stage performance after a long long time.

Dancing does this to me. I am transported to a whole new world. A world where all I hear is music ,all I feel us music, and then my body takes the cue and just sways away. I love dancing to bollywood numbers in particular. I love the beats, the lyrics, because I can emote not just with my body, but with my face too. I get into the song. I am the song, the song is then playing just for me.

The freeedom of expression that dancing gives is almost like “writing”. As if you are writing down your thoughts. Instead of words, your body speaks, your eyes speak, your smile speaks.

” Come back to me my soul.” I beckoned . We have a long way to go. More stages to conquer, more opportunities to glow. I feel complete now as I sit with myself. In a world of complete serenity.  A peace amidst the chaos.  A hum on my lips , a tap on my feet.

                                         ” To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.”
                                 – OSHO


3 thoughts on “A hum on my lips ,a tap on my feet.

  1. Many congratulations on getting back to your passion 🙂 What your passion does to you, and how you feel when you are doing what makes you feel complete, is- in my opinion, inexplicable..
    No language, other than the talking of eyes, the pounding of hearts, the lines on the face and the curve on the lips, can explain, how you feel!

    Feel good, feel happy- and keep tapping. Good luck!

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