We  met on 21st March 2013. On a hot Saturday afternoon. He looked smart,handsome and so full of confidence. I approached him with mixed feelings. I was nervous ,scared and happy. All at the same time. Was it not too late in life for this? Age is never a barrier for knowledge and love,they say. Hence, I took hesitant steps towards him. I did not know whether he would shun me or embrace me. I was not prepared for this. No, I was not. I just feasted my eyes on him and bid him good-bye. Good-bye till the next day. He did nothing to stop me. So with a heavy heart, I left him.

The next day we had a date. No, not a date. It was that day of our life when we would become a couple.  At the local temple, we tied the knot. He was still all ‘head held high’ , and I was coy. Hands folded in prayer, I gave him a side glance. I wanted this to work for us. I wanted this relation to last forever. Little did I know that the road ahead was bumpy. It was like a ‘mills and boons’ love story. We started off on a rough note. My hopes and dreams seemed to be crashing all around me. I was holding on to an invisible thread of hope and faith. Hope of winning him over,  with immense faith in self.

The honeymoon period ended even before it started. All was going well till a turn came and I lost control………..and crash I went into the wall. Yes, into the wall. My hulk got scratched and bruised.  All because of me. Sob!! My HONDA DIO got an injury on the very first day I rode it. Sob!Sob!  All the poojas, coconuts and lemons did not help us.

pic courtesy
pic courtesy

I was embarrassed ( my kids were watching the whole episode). I was perplexed as to how could this happen ?( I was not riding for the first time). I was completely unhappy with myself ( for being over-confident), and with God too ( Ya, I did not leave him out of this) for ignoring my prayers. So, my new DIO ( my hulk as I lovingly call him, much to my husband’s fury) ended up in the workshop. Separation time for a week.  Time for me to throw myself on the bed face down  and cry total Bollywood ishtyle!!!

For the following 2-3 weeks I was not allowed to ride it, alone. I got a pillion rider in my hubby dear. Me and my hulk were both secretly happy. Although, I never gave up any opportunity to tell hubby dear that I could manage on my own, but my hulk  must have shuddered at  the very thought of me going solo again.  To cut a long story short, things came pretty much ‘on road’ within a few days.

Our life is a  journey, we all are driving every minute. No passengers. Only drivers. As I rode, I started relating the city roads, to the roads of life.

1. You can put your foot down (applicable to two wheeler drivers only. Four wheeler drivers, please excuse) : Yes, you can. There is really no need to worry . You don’t like the way things  are going. You feel you cannot handle something. You feel the pressure  that you may meet with an accident? Put your foot down. Let that honking bus pass.

2. Change the route without changing the destination : Generally there is always more than one route to a destination. If the road you are travelling is too bumpy you have the liberty to change the route. The better route may end up being a bit longer, but what the heck ! 🙂 You just need to reach your destination. In life too you need to take those risks of taking the longer route to your destination. The idea is to enjoy your drive.

3. Use the rear view mirror, sparingly though : Its  mandatory that you check the rear view mirror once in a while…….but to move ahead you need to keep an eye on the road.  Take learning from your past, remember past incidents and smile, let it not weigh heavy over your present. Or you may end up in a mess ( accident).

4. Speedbrakers? : You have them on the roads and in life too. They can be very irritating on the roads, and  in life too . They are very much needed, I agree. Still, an excess is bad for the shock absorbers.

5. Fellow drivers and traffic rules : Respect them, be vary of them. Basic rule is co-operation.  Life and the society also have few basic rules. The ones who do not follow these generally invite sorrow or trouble. Take control of  your driving (read life) but be sensibly aware of fellow drivers. Keep a check on that speedometer at all times.

6. Turns :  I love them. Sometimes a straight road can seem too monotonous. Life also has this tendency of becoming too regular and boring. Taking that occasional trip, joining the hobby class, following your passion, even a sudden leave from work can be the few turns that you can take.  So I love the “expected” turns.

7. Confidence : The thought that you are in control of life (or the vehicle) gives you immense confidence.  The confidence takes you a long way. It helps you maneuver through difficult paths and emerge victorious.

OK. OK.  Do not honk. I can see most of you slowing down , planning to press that break and thinking about changing the route . So before you guys put your foot down and take that turn,  me and my hulk will respect my fellow riders (readers) , and let you pass.

Despite all the bumps and shudders we’ve managed to get a great partnership going. We gave in to each others ways. Life has been a joy ride since. Until now I was happy being the passenger. Not anymore. Me and my hulk are on a mission. A mission to explore new routes and to conquer bumpier roads.  We do make a handsome couple. Since the handles are now in my control, I am eying the wheel…..the steering wheel. Much to the dismay of hubby dear and our car. Tsk! Tsk!  So until next time :

                                                                                                      DRIVE  SAFE


I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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