Floating through the air,

I landed here and there.

At some places I did rest,

Then again flown by the gust,

I travelled in despair.

  When the currents took me,

                                                         With it far away,

                                                          All wet and shriveled

                                                           Night and day.

                                                          On the banks my eyes I laid.

                                                           On places I would like to see and stay.

                                                           But on and on I floated,

                                                           On and on away.

I landed on moss.

I landed on mud.

I landed on grass,

On the river bed.

My ordeal was not yet over.

Should I give up?

No,…….not yet.

Here comes the wind again.

I will now take to flight.

I fly,I fight

I fly , I fight.

Up away, I have to go.

Fast and slow, fast and slow.

I am not going to stop.



I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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