A rain drop away


Just a rain drop away,

She is,

Just a rain drop away.

When it drops on my palm,

I feel her hand in mine.

Fingers entangled, assuring, comforting

Trickling me down to the spine.

On my cheek,  I feel it wet.

As if a gentle kiss.

A yearning, a desire a futile wish

And more and more I miss.

I step into natures shower,

Come, embrace me, show me your power.

I need to feel you in my soul.

Take me now, take me whole.

I see her smiling in every drop

She turns and runs away.

The rain drops keep me dry of thoughts

But wet my soul is today.

My eyes moist, with rain or tear?

My feet rooted with pain or fear?

I look around and see her not.

A palm full of water is all I’ve got.

I look up and moan,

Don’t leave me again and go.

Why make me wait for another rain,

Why make me fret so.

Her anklets made a noise so rare.

I turned around to see.

The smile that enchanted my dreams, my thoughts

The face that haunted me.

As she took me into her fold,

I found the peace I sought..

She pulled me back to my chair.

Neither she argued, nor I fought.

As we stood there in the joy of love,

The rain had ceased.

The clouds had cleared.

I saw myself sleeping in peace,

With a smile so precious so dear.


2 thoughts on “A rain drop away

I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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