******* DECEMBER*********

After a lot of thought on a suitable title, I zeroed in on…. “December”. Nothing more , but …nothing less too. Nothing less will do.

pic coutesy: ateacherstouch.blogspot.com

I love this time of the year. December. That time of the year when the spirits are high and there is a smile pasted on my face. When November makes way for December, I suddenly feel a sense of home-coming. This year I went a step ahead and wished my friends a ‘Happy new month’. My favourite month is here, and I am all charged up.

December is a month of celebrations the world over. What with Christmas and New Year just around the corner. The festive spirit is in the air, all through the month. In our family, there is always an added reason for celebration.

pic courtesy:goodlightscraps.comDecember is the birthday month for us. Half of our family celebrates their birthdays in this month. Me too. So, its like ‘my month’. At regular intervals, we have cakes smeared on our faces and we set the weighing scales oscillating. For once, we do not care. Its that month when even calories ‘don’t count’.

December brings along with it the ‘winter sun’. Aah! So refreshing, so warm , so relaxing. Weather in Bangalore is perhaps at its best in December. Although I would have loved to have  a little bit of snow for that typical winter feeling. To make a snowman, to play throwing  snow balls ,to sit around the fire…..pic courtesy:driveanddish.blogspot.comsigh!

Yet, this too is great. When the slight chill is blanketed by the lovely warmth of the sun.  The sun which usually glares in summers, seems to be smiling in the winters. I smile back.

Here comes Christmas. When the whole town is decorated to celebrate the Lords birthday and to welcome Santa. Red and white, red and white with a little bit of green thrown in . You can spot Santa standing in front of shops and malls much to every kids fascination. Christmas trees form an essential part of the decor in the malls. Tall ones look completely out of the world. Christmas cakes, give some more exercise to the weighing scale. (I run in the opposite direction of the scales. No I refuse to weigh myself this month).pic courtesy:www.blogs.99labels.com

Every year my kids get their much desired toys from Santa on the morning of Christmas.Gifts for being good children throughout the year. By now they have worked out the ‘Santa secret’, yet we keep playing this game for the joy that it brings, for the smiles that brighten up their sweet faces. The short Christmas vacation that  they get after toiling away for two-three weeks for the mid year exams, is an added attraction in the month of December. I too get to put my feet up for ten days.

New Years Eve walks in  followed by the New Year.  Dates, which otherwise seem to be just numbers, suddenly seem  a lot more than that. 31st Dec is like a festival that the whole  world celebrates in splendor and frenzy. I look forward to the partying on 31st. The food, music,dance and the happiness that flows. Love the countdown , the burst of crackers and the wishes that pour in at midnight. (Some seep into the morning due to network clogging). December for some is the end of the year .  For me, it is the beginning of a    new year. I look forward to making resolutions and starting things and activities from a whole new angle. January 1st is not just a date, its  the mark of a beginning. The resolutions generally seem to follow a regular pattern of loose some weight, anger management, spend some extra quality time with kids, pick a hobby etc. I make them every year. I break them at regular intervals. The story of my resolutions some other time, in another space.

pic courtesy: www.wallbeams.com

While most people say “Sigh! Its already December. End of another year”.  I say ” Wow! Its December, a new beginning around the bend”.

Thats my favourite month. Which is yours ? Do mention in the comments column 🙂


I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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