This one is for the first man in my life. My father. The king who raised me like a princess. This one is for you Papa. My birthday gift. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Yesterday my daughter came up and asked whether she could sleep wearing her daddy’s shirt. I was silent. She went on to explain that it was so comfortable, so warm, smelt of daddy and slowly added,  reminded of daddy(daddy is on a week long tour). My silence was not rejection. I was transported back to my own childhood , when I have done something similar.( I am sure many little girls have done the same). I have worn Papa’s shirt too and walked around the house, feeling quite proud. Proud of being a little bit more closer to him.

My younger daughter, when she was barely two would develop a fever as soon as her daddy left on tour. The first time I brushed it off as a coincidence. Later, my mom told me of a similar ‘Papa away fever’ that I used to get ( I guess this runs in the family) which would miraculously disappear as soon as Papa appeared.

In most modern houses, daddy is the good cop. In this age when moms have become , super-mom and hyper-mom, daddy has become the friend figure. The scenario is no different in my house. Although my kids share all the tit-bits going on in their little minds with me, for support sans scoldings, they go to daddy darling. I hear them whisper (their whisper being quite loud) about the homework they missed out during the weekend, the pencils and pens they lost, the fake aches and pains they have in the morning. Daddy is there to take them into his fold . To tell them that he too forgot home works, lost pencils and to convince them to fight the aches and pains 🙂

My mom rarely got angry. In the rare cases when she did, it stayed on and on and on. You had to coax her , plead her out of it. Papa on the other hand is short tempered. He would blow his top off at the drop of a hat, and then would silently peep into our room to see if we were fine. We would act angry and he would tickle us out of it.

What is this bond that the little girls have with their daddy? A bond which is not tied by the umbilical cord. Hence, is it more pure and divine?

Today I am a wife, a mother,yet I look up to Papa. I still crave for  his appreciation, his warm hugs, his protection. His shoulders have carried me around and helped me see the world from a whole new perspective, an elevated perspective. They are still the strongest shoulders I know. I do not sit on his lap anymore, yet I never want to grow too old for his lap.


You have been my guide through and through.

And still do lead my way.

Though now my grip is tighter than before,

Sometimes I have my say.

Yet, I look up to you, look for you.

You are my assurance,my confidence.

The strongest man in my life.

I love you more each day…..!



5 thoughts on “PAPA’S LITTLE GIRL

  1. Wonderfully touching… the complex you are talking about has its origins in the Electra Complex, a la the Oedipus Complex for sons!

I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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