2013 – The year of learning

pic courtesy :www.zeusbox.com
pic courtesy :www.zeusbox.com

Its that time of the year,

When we retrospect.

Of what came , what went,

Of what was said, what was meant.

As I take a closer look at the year that went by,  I am amazed at so much that has happened. So many experiences that have been a learning. And learning in the literal sense too.  I have always loved change. This year was full of only that. Change, change and more change and yet I crave for more. Not all changes are good. Some leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Some shake you out of your reverie. Some soothe you, caress you, comfort you.

Time to leave behind,

All sorrows and pain,

Time to start afresh……..Again!

This year has taught me a lot about relations. How much to stretch them, and how much to get stretched. Its not always the front row people you need to pay heed to. There are people at the back, who care more. Some pains are irreparable, but try not to fiddle with it too much. Eventually you will learn to ignore it 🙂

To forgive and forget,

Of all the failures you met.

To walk ahead on a new cloud,

Head held high, with a smile.

This year taught me to push my limits. Whether it was dance, learning to ride the scooter, reducing my weight. The sky is the limit, when you put your heart at doing something. It taught me to isolate myself from the world and withdraw into a world of my own so that I could put my thoughts on paper.

To weave a dream

With open eyes.

To take flight and fly.

This year taught me to trust myself, love myself, and give a chance to myself. Whatever I want is within me. I just need to cajole myself and bring it out.  Gave me the opportunity to bring smiles to various known and unknown faces. Near and dear ones. They in turn made my life brighter, happier, blessed.

I am carrying with me all this knowledge into the next year.  2014 will be the year of practice. Practicing what I have learnt. Next year this time I will  evaluate, how good a student have I been.  I am prepared to take this exam.  Bring it on.

Close your eyes

Make a wish.

This time with your heart.

Hold on, hold on tight

Don’t let it fall apart.

The wind is in your soul,if only you feel it,

The world is yours to conquer, if only you believe it.

Go ahead and ask for it.

Ask for what is yours

And it will be given

Given to you for sure.


I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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