When the veil falls…..

pic courtesy: peaceformeandtheworld.ning.com
pic courtesy: peaceformeandtheworld.ning.com

My soul beckons yours.

Come hither! Come hither!

The names may have changed,

But we have always been together.

Come hither!

No, I am not your shadow.

I have not left , when its dark.

I am you, your pulse.

Your knowledge , your spark.

Hold my hand you’ll know.

We have met before.

May be long long ago.

Once,twice or even more.

Look into my eyes to see,

The story of you and me.

The pain is same, the bond is same.

So tied up, yet so free.

One day this veil has to go.

Clouds will clear one day.

Forms and names will dissolve and perish.

Souls are here to stay.

My soul beckons yours,

With a song so soft and sweet.

We have always been together,

Without me, you are incomplete.


I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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