Again a cut..

Not deep ,yet painful.

I hold on fast.

Don’t want to let go.

With every cut the grip gets tighter.

Oh! it pains, yet I hold on faster.


I look up to see,

Who pulls me!

A face, with a smile…

A silence, a space.

The more I pull myself up,

The more I slip.

The rope still tight in my grip.


Why do I yearn, what for?

For that vacuum?

For the songs? The verses? Imagination?

My dreams? Or just my completion?

I look below…

Not an abyss but a carpet of flowers.

Love and peace.

Let go…..

Leave the rope for this ease.


My eyes dart.

My heart pains.

I feel the shower, the rain.

Of blood, as it oozes from my palm, my heart.

Of tears, of sweat.

Emotions are tired.

Head is bent.

What do I do……?

I am so spent!!!!!



4 thoughts on “Hanging!

I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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