pic courtesy: www.blog.cutcaster.com
pic courtesy: http://www.blog.cutcaster.com



If they are not with you,

Where do they go?

Where do feelings go?



Where is the smile,

That brightened up my face yesterday?

Where did it fly off?

Why did it not stay?


From where did this gloom come?

Where was it till now?

From here where will it go?

Will it trouble someone I love?


The pain that you feel at a loss,

The joy that swells you up again.

Where do these go?

Why do they lessen with time?

Why they buckle down lie low?


Have they been arranged on a rack?

Do we pick them up ourselves?

Or do they have a tree of their own,

Do they fall in our lap?


Are they waves,that come and go?

Or seasons that have a tenure.

Friends,enemies,strangers? What?

Have loved them, with them we fought.


Do some feelings stay forever?

Love,care,fear complexes.

Should we hold on or let go?

Put it back on the rack?


So what should we choose and how?
Or does it choose us? Now!Now!

Still the ques remain….

If they aren’t with you….

Where do they go?

Where do feelings go?


3 thoughts on “WHERE DO FEELINGS GO?

I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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