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It has always been a part of my life. Yet, it was yesterday, that I suddenly realized the peace surrounding its glow. Was it because my mind was in turmoil? Unrest? Waiting to be consumed completely by this serenity?

In my house the lamp is lit daily, before the alter of the Lord. Twice a day actually.   At dawn and dusk. A ritual that I have learnt from my mother. The lamp symbolizes knowledge, leading us to light from the darkness of ignorance. It is worshiped as the Lord himself.

Yet, to me it symbolizes ‘peace’. It has the power to illuminate a dark room in a way that even many a tube lights put together cannot. When the light spreads, you start seeing all that is ‘within’ you. Which you ignore most of the time, because you are so busy looking ‘outside’.  The glaring light of the ‘outside’. The ear shattering din of the ‘outside’.

Hence, I stood in front of that smiling flame, oblivious to everything. Oblivious to everything else, but the dancing flame. The room was in complete darkness,yet there was so much of light that the sun would be put to shame.

I stood in awe, like a disciple before a very knowledgeable ‘guru’.  I took in all that my ‘guru’ had to offer. Knowledge of self, blessings of peace,calm. And a small prayer came to my lips. A prayer taught to me by my aunt when I was just a kid….


                                                     “Deepo jyoti param brahma.              

                                       Deepo jyoti janardhana.

                                          Deepo me haratu paapam,

                                            Deepa jyotir namostute”






I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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