The tale of two souls…







There were once two souls sitting on the peak of a mountain called relations. The space at the peak as you all know, is very less. So there these two sat, very close to each other. Almost stuck. Almost as one. Tied to other souls from either sides, yet oblivious to everything and everybody but themselves. They understood each other as they understood themselves. Without a single word. Their silence was their song. They felt one.

Life was smooth.Happy.Content. They saw things in their own elevated psychology and enjoyed this different angle that everything seemed to have and that was understood by them exclusively. They felt they were one…united…yet divided by birth, by circumstances. What was binding them was not the touch of hands, but the illumination of their souls . It was intermingled.

Then one day they decided walk down the mountain. To explore what else they can find ….together.!!! The view tempted them. They started walking down. Hand in hand.

As you keep walking down, the space increases. The distance widens. The crowd strengthens. The other souls which were on either sides started occupying this space that was forming in between. The twin souls struggled to hold on to each other. Holding on to the closeness started becoming a herculean task.

Yet they kept walking, thinking of all the new horizons they have to explore. They forgot they were at the peak where everybody longs to reach and be,but few are successful. They should have just remained there. Then a day so happened when they stumbled and fell. One was wounded. A bruised soul. A wounded soul. How far can it walk? How far can the stronger soul support? Should they keep walking? Falling? Hurting? Soon the stronger one will leave to fend for itself.. They cant hold hands and walk for life…they cannot climb back to the peak. It is lost to them forever. What should they do? Forget that peak? yes!Perhaps!Yes!

There is still a thin ray of light binding them. Till this dims and goes out, they will remain connected . Yet, how long???

Elevated souls should never stumble down. The sight you see below is not an Oasis, its a mirage!!!



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I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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