Me and my Cuppa…5:30 am


I love this peace in the morning. I like this time of the day.Where I have only myself for company(is it?). I speak only to myself, I hear myself (is it?)My thoughts and deeds reign supreme.

Or maybe I am not alone. To this peaceful glory comes the sunlight. Trying to peep in through the window and spread its wings and fly all through my rooms. The slight hum of the fan in the kids room( need to call the electrician!!!) ,telling me that they sleep peacefully,blissfully. The murmur of the washing machine ,which reminds me to be happy for the small luxuries of life. The birds. How can I forget them.  Their chirping, inviting me to face another with hope.The pigeon perched on my balcony railing, nodding its head. Do I hear a sigh? Ya, that’s hubby darling checking his mobile (for time) and sighing before he turns the…

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I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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