pic coutesy:www.deviantart.com
pic coutesy:www.deviantart.com






I cringe in disbelief

As the images unfold.

Of barbarism eating up humanity,

Completely and whole.

I sit dazed in agony,

For the little ones in pain.

Who do not even know,

Who lost; and who will gain.

My heart cries out,

Feeling the shock of the parents.

Who now have only lots of….

“If only” and “I wish”, on their minds.

If only..I had played along with his mock stomach pain.

If only…I had not dropped her when she missed the bus.

I wish…I had let him sleep a little more.

I wish…. I could tell another story, give another hug, plant another kiss.


Like some birds and animals,

Humanity has become rare.

Save humans, only few are left…only few are there!!

Humanity sure is becoming extinct!!!!!


I switch off the TV and walk to the door,

Overwhelmed,yet numb.

Hugging my kids,who are back from school,

I let my tears roll……


I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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