Fresh shower of love,

In drops then in torrents.

I want to drench and soak.

And flow away in the current.

When the cold winds blew.

I saw it coming , I did.

When the dark clouds gathered,

I smiled anticipating it.

Then there was the thunder.

The lightening that scared me.

That shook me from within,

And provoked me to take shelter.

Yet I stood in anticipation.

For that shower of bliss.

In anticipation I stood,

Coz I always wanted this.

The first drop was nice,

Too good to be true.

And then the various drops

Brought me closer to you.

Face towards the sky,

Arms spread out wide.

I welcomed the pouring,

Forgetting the world.

As the soothing smell of mud,

When it mixes with the rain.

Like wise I will smell of you.

Untill you shower again.


I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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