Puzzling puzzle

www.dreamstime.com……….this puzzling thing called life. I have always felt life is one huge jig saw puzzle. We are finding pieces from the big pile of puzzle bits and trying to fit it correctly into the puzzle that is ‘our life’.  When it does not fit we just leave it and take the next piece. Some pieces fall correctly into the slot and sit there comfortable.So when you try to solve a puzzle , do you keep going back to the pieces that did not fit? No right? At least  not for the same spot. Similarly, what does not fit has to be left. Just forgotten. What fits? Well, sometimes it sits smugly, sometimes it needs refixing, tightening with every new piece that gets  added to the puzzle.

Without these pieces that keep joining every now and then: the picture of life will be incomplete.

Do not try to add in whats not meant to be. It will never stay.

Hold on to what is meant to be or you’ll surely miss it one day.

I am happy for all the fitting pieces in my life….life is so complete with them


I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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