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Can I start afresh, move away from this rush

Can I start afresh!

Swing a little higher..on that childhood swing.

Aim at more mangoes,hear more of the birds sing.

Weave more dreams,around my little finger.

Hold on to some,let some go and allow few to linger.

Take more risks, take more turns on the way.

Say more ‘NO’,coz some’yes’ took my smile away.

Defend myself more, and stand up less for the world.

Gather more achievements, from the ambitions that were hurled.

Dance more,oblivious to the audience,their claps and jeers.

Sing more loudly..who cares for the bricks or cheers.

Stare more into the mirror, look more into my soul.

Say- girl you rock! You are on a roll.

Can I start afresh,,at all the challenges I took

Give it another shot, give it another look.

Can I start afresh and talk my heart out more.

Recheck into my luck, and survey whats in store.

Can I start afresh,at the mistakes and the joys?

Have back that pink pencil box, that broken first toy.

That hug, that warmth,that sunshine that rain….

                            Can I start afresh just once,

                                    All over again!! All over again!!!

Can I start afresh? Move away from this rush…

Can I start afresh?


2 thoughts on “TO START ONCE AGAIN

I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Appreciate your comments.

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